Saturday, April 9, 2011

Couldn’t talk to her for a whole week but could chat to her…….

It has been a whole week and I couldn't talk to her. This situation occurred not because of any misunderstanding between us or of any other unusual reason, but it happened because I think no one of us wanted to initiate with a topic to talk. We smiled when we looked at each other, she waved her hand and also got the same response from me, but again not a single word of conversation occurred between us. I think I am sure that she wants to talk to me and even I am frantic to hear a word from her for me, but again no one has a word to say to each other.

However, instead of whole of the above scene, I am happy that I could chat with her on a social network. Whenever she got online I again expected her to initiate the talk but again somehow I initiated by messaging her and luckily I got the response from her and realized by her way of talking that even she wanted to chat with me.

As it is truly said, nothing is permanent. I was able to chat to her for continuous few days but yesterday was the day that went without even chatting to her and without talking to her and today I couldn't even see her the whole day. Don't know what happened, miss her a lot……………


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Its been long since I wrote about her…..

It has been really very long since I wrote about her, but what to do, that girl doesn't exist in my thoughts of love any more. Even then I am not sad about that part of life because I have again got someone of whom I can think about. This is the girl about whom I am absolutely sure that I can live my whole life with her, I won't even need to think about any other girl. However, after I had madly fallen in love with her, I realized that she has already got someone whom she love a lot and even that person loves her a lot. Now what to say, I don't understand that, is it my fault or has it become my habit to fall in love with the girl who is already in relationship with a boy.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, lastly I would like to share with everyone, whether this girl is already in love with someone else but it's for sure that I won't ever let this girl out my thoughts of love. I would write more about her, share my thoughts about her but I will never tell her about her…..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When I Fall in Love

I never thought of this can happen to me, but suddenly happened. But Why ???????????????
Why this happened to me ? This was something not for me and I am someone who doesn't wish to have such kinda feelings. But it happened and its impact is so deep that I don't think that I will be able to think without her. She is someone very sweet to me and not only to me but to everyone. This girl ******* has so cute looks that I cannot afford to loose that looks. She talks with me, she looks at me but I can't say what does that look says. I don't know what I am to her but she is now "Heart beat to me".

I never thought of crying for a girl but she is the one who made me cry for her. I cannot think of a moment when this girl ****** leaves me alone. I wish God to able me to get out of her from my mind and heart but that is a chapter of my life that God is not helping me to find a solution.

I want to propose her but don't know whether I should or not. She once proposed to but didn't know was it a something she really mean it or something she likes to joke. I wish I would have accepted that propose of her doesn't matter even if it was a joke. I could have been her love friend, may be that would have turned something really serious.

I wish she again proposes me and this time I will not let it go away, this time I will accept it from my heart.

I never thought of this but this happened to me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

But I Need to Live

Mood OFF


But still "I Need to Live"

I Live to Lead
But there is "Something I Need to Live"

I need Body to feel, Parts to Move
But I Need Soul to Live

I need Money to Spend, Property to Luxury
But I Need Honesty to Live

I need Skills to Win, Experience to Grow
But I Need Efforts to Live

I need Delicious to Eat, Expensive to Wear
But I Need Purity to Live

I need Glamor to be Shown, Fame to be Known
But I Need Honor to Live

I need Blessing to Shower, Praises to Flower
But I Need Love to Live

I need Brain to Think, Nerves to Connect
But I Need Loving Heart to Live

I need Air to Breathe, Land to Stand
But I Need Country(भारत) to Live

I need Eyes to See, Tongue to Speak
But I Need Emotions to Live

I need God to Worship, Religion to Follow
But I Need Humanity to Live

I need Teacher to Teach, Mentor to Guide
But I Need Parents to Live

I need All to Live
But I Need Rest to Die